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1 Million Visitors

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Sugar Mountain Farm Hits GoldSometime in the past month my blog hit 1,000,000 visitors. It also passed the three year birthday about the same time. Pretty amazing! Outdoors: 59°F/54°F 1/2″ Light rainFarm House: 70°F/67°FTiny Cottage: 66°F/62°F

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The Breast Ice Cream in Vermont

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Pregnant Sow Bagging UpThis was in our local paper: “The breast is best!” wrote PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman in the letter to the company [Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream]. “Won’t you give cows and their babies a break … Continue reading

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Pig Cut Chart Poster

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Update: This is a historic post. To buy a poster see the Posters page for up-to-date pricing and availability. Click the image for a larger graphic with readable text. Interestingly, the above post has turned out to be the favorite … Continue reading

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Cupids Dessert

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Lemon Meringue CupidI love my mother’s lemon meringue pie. The problem is it must be all eaten immediately in one sitting or the crust gets soggy from the filling and our family just can’t seem to eat that much pie … Continue reading

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Insulated Mass

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Insulated Mass On Earth Tubes Andrea said…I love following your journey to your own home and how your family has actually truly built it yourseves. I do have a question. You had mentioned you will be earth sheltering your home … Continue reading

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Primera Label Printer Update

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Primera Label on Frozen Bacon Over on the Earth Air Tubes post Sandra asked: Walter, I saw your posting about the Primavera LX-400 printer and was wondering if after using the printer for a while if you would still recommend … Continue reading

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Cape Cod Vacation

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Hope Wave JumpingMonday and Tuesday we went to Cape Cod for a vacation. It is the first vacation we’ve had in seven years, since 9/11 almost to the day. We were on the Cape that day and it was a … Continue reading

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Earth Air Tubes

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Upper Pond – Pig Drinking ResevoirI got the following letter in email this morning asking about our house’s earth air tubes. I’ve gotten quite a few other letters and comments asking about this. To the uninitiated, the basic idea is … Continue reading

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Clouds Wispy Roil

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Wispy CloudsI think the winds are picking up. We’ve been having lots of brilliant blue days with some beautiful cloud forms – a nice change after all the rain this summer. Outdoors: 68°F/52°F SunnyFarm House: 72°F/64°FTiny Cottage: 67°F/60°F

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