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DEA Outlawing 7% Iodine

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Three Pumpkins Do you use iodine, a.k.a., Lugol’s Solution, on your farm or homestead for sterilizing wounds, umbilical cords and the like? The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) is now outlawing the sale of this important compound. Why? Apparently druggies use … Continue reading

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Bad Break

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Fixing a Bad BreakUp until now all of the granite we have cut and split went perfectly. Today we had a bad break. I was splitting a 31″ long sill for the bedroom and instead of cleaving cleanly the stone … Continue reading

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Mystery Photo July 2007

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What is that??? Care to guess? Leave ideas in comments. Here’s the answer for after you’ve thought about it… Outdoors: 80°F/62°F SunnyFarm House: 73°F/67°FTiny Cottage: 70°F/68°F Miss split bedroom granite sill – oops!

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Calibrating Pain – Fence Testing

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In a discussion about fencing someone wrote: Hi Walter: Thanks for the suggestions. I especially liked this one [for fence testing]: “Best test is to use the tip of your tongue or your nose while standing barefoot in your piss. … Continue reading

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