Jenn-Air Caught

Walter shoots and scoooores! The stove in the background is one we got from Sears years ago. It had a loose wire and got returned so I managed to get it for half price. The stove part in the foreground on the butcher block is a Jenn-Air double burner glass stove top – just what I’ve been looking for. We love the older glass topped stove with its easy to clean glass top but it is physically too big and uses too much of an energy hog for our new house. I needed something small and the two burner unit fits the bill.

For most of our cooking we’ll use our wood stove and the masonry wood oven that I’m building to match it. That will have the secondary advantage of also heating the tiny cottage, the domestic hot water and being a smoker for meat. During the heat of the summer we tend to not cook all that much or we cook outdoors in the ‘summer kitchen’ of sorts by the upper pond.

Still, it is nice to be able to cook indoors occasionally so I’ve been looking for a very small stove to fit our tiny lodgings. My search has been rather unsuccessful, in part because I’m picky. I didn’t want gas. I don’t like coil electric burners. I wanted a glass top like we’ve had for years which is so easy to keep clean and heats evenly.

About a week ago we dropped into the local Sears, mostly to say hi to Susanne who owns it with her husband. I was poking around and in a back corner saw the Jenn-Air double burner, glass stove top! WOW! Just what I’ve been looking for. A customer had ordered it and then not needed it so it’s been kicking around in her inventory. She let me have it for under $100, about 1/4 of what they normally sell for! She was delighted to get it out of her inventory and I was delighted to finally find the part I needed, and at a bargain price no less. Now I just need to build the counter space and electronic controls for it – a minor task. This means I can make a stove top for the summer cooking that fits right in with our house and it will be useful in the heating seasons if the wood cook stove burners are full.

Why electric? Yes, yes, I know, from long experience, that gas is great for the high heat but it gives me headaches, literally, even in a very well ventilated house. So I gave up on gas years ago and switched to an electric stove. Another reason we switched was the gas company was never able to get the fitting right so it always smelled like leaking gas around here when we used to have gas appliances. Lastly, I didn’t like the idea of going kaboom in the night.

By the way, they say you’re not supposed to use cast iron on glass top stoves. We’ve been doing so for over ten years without any problem. Almost all our pans are cast iron. The glass seems to do fine.

Outdoors: 72°F/42°F 3″ Rain
Farm House: 67°F/62°F
Tiny Cottage: 66°F/60°F

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11 Responses to Jenn-Air Caught

  1. Matt says:

    I agree Walter, I’ve been using cast iron with nary a problem.

    Who are these “they” people who give out so much wrong advice? “They” said don’t do this and “they” said don’t do that! “They” just need to shut up!

  2. jessie says:

    I think I’d die without my cast iron pans. But I do love my gas stove, after 15 years of electric….

  3. PV says:

    Great ‘Catch’ Walt! Thos are nice stoves. I must say it is hard to imagin making my own stove even starting with parts

  4. Lisa says:

    Do you do any pressure canning on the glass top? I love the easy clean up of a glass top, but all the pressure canner manufacturers say not to use them on glass tops.

  5. Yes, we do pressure canning all year round on the glass stove top. Most of it is in the fall during harvest but I also do some over the summer for fruits and berries and we can sauces, meat, soup, chili, etc when we slaughter for our own needs. The glass top stove has worked great for canning.

  6. Lisa says:

    Thanks! That is wonderful to know as we are planning our yurt homestead. I could never give up my cast iron and I want to get into canning.

  7. HomemakerAng says:

    OH do tell me! I just got rid of a huge gas range (commercial 6 burner) the pilots had to run constantly and the PROPANE bill was LARGE, about $80 a month just for the stove bill!…

    I miss it though, 2 ovens (I bake alot) and a griddle…

    ANYWAYS, you guys seem like the canning type, and I can a lot. I will miss my gas range for canning. We now have a glass cook top, electric also, a BOSCH. How does canning go on your glass top electric range??? I am hoping for good news..

    and NOW I JUST read the comments, (a cart before horse kinda gal I am, I read directions last too) I am referring to water bath canning… You will probably tell me just go to the pressure cooker right :) more economical?

    Lots of questions from me tonight!

    BTW, our back ground looks great, a large garden is in! Thanks for your advice through the years… I am still reading your blog!

    we have 8 hogs too!

  8. HomemakerAng says:

    so ya think it will work with a water bath canner too?

  9. Ang, we have a pressure canner – which I think you would call water bath but I’m not sure. It is what I’ve always used. The glass jars sit on a sheet of metal that has corrugations and holes in it. This is all in water about 3/4 of the way up the jars. Then we put the canner lid on with its rubber ring and set the weight in place on the steam outlet to govern the pressure using one of three weight positions. It works great on our existing glass top stove. I would expect it to work on the two burner glass top too. However, I anticipate we’ll do a lot of the canning on the wood stove.

  10. Michael says:

    I purchased 5 JENN-AIR appliances about 4 years ago. I paid a premium price for these appliances. Today 4 out 5 are not working (Microwave, Dishwasher, Gas Range, and Refrigerator). The refrigerator has been replaced once and this is the second one. So the time between failure is approximately 2 years. Is there a corporate site or another blog where I can post this message?
    I purchased warrenties and they have expired. However I expect better performance from products like JENN-AIR. It appears that there are some serious issues, 4 out 5 with performance issues.

  11. Ouch. Hopefully I’ll do better with my salvage part. So what exactly failed in your units? Knowing this would be good information. -WalterJ

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