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Nesting Sows

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Yorkshire Sow Gathering Nesting HayOne of the interesting indicative behaviors that a pregnant (gestating) sow pig is about to farrow a new litter of piglets is that she will begin to gather hay, chop it up and build a soft … Continue reading

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Big Whey Tank

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On Friday we got a new bigger whey tank for deliveries of cow and goats whey. The new tank is 1,025 gallons. We still have the old tank which is 725 gallons so this gives us a lot more whey … Continue reading

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April Bonfire at Upper Pond

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Upper Pond Looking South from BeachOur snow went from 8″ covering over our total fields Saturday morning to virtually no snow by Sunday evening. The upper pond is now free of ice and over flowing the dam with the spring … Continue reading

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Sugar Mountain Farm LLC

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It is official – Sugar Mountain Farm is now a Limited Liability Company in the state of Vermont. We’ve been using the name since the very early 1990’s but had never formalized it.

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As of Friday I’m a cyborg. We’ll find out if the tests say I have a heart or not. Miracles of modern medicine. Outdoors: 67°F/37°F SunnyFarm House: 65°F/55°F no fireTiny Cottage: 64°F/50°F form removal, spackling, masonry

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Spring Dam

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This is not my dam.This is not my river.This is not my falls.Dam beautiful spring fall. You might recognize this flowing cascade of spring water at the Bradford hydro-electric dam from when it was a frozen solid wall of water … Continue reading

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Desk & Partition Progress

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Tiny Cottage Library Desk SpackledToday was the first gorgeous blue sky day in quite a while. The snow is melting quickly – We’re down to about mid-shin depth in the fields, maybe 8″ or so? – and we can now … Continue reading

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LED Lighting

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Selenite Rock over LED Light in Farm House LibraryIn our current house we mostly use florescent lightning, primarily of the compact florescent design. Florescent lights used to be odd colored and have annoying flickers. The newer ones are improved although … Continue reading

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Certified Naturally Grown in 2007

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We got our Certified Naturally Grown (CNG) status for 2007 including the pretty wall certificate shown above. What is CNG you might ask? It’s better than Organic without the USDA high fees. CNG is an alternative certification program that parallels … Continue reading

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Kita Walking

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Kita Walking in Fresh Snow Outdoors: 32°F/29°F 13″ SnowFarm House: 67°F/48°F two logsTiny Cottage: 56°F/45°F Dry stacked stove surround & tank wall

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