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Warming Wood

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This is not my wood pile.This is not my house.But it was a pretty picture,at my neighbor’s place. Wednesday Outdoors: 22°F/-3°F Partially Sunny, Light Snow in eveningFarm House: 57°F/42°F seven logsTiny Cottage: 49°F/35°F no work Tuesday Outdoors: 17°F/-9°F Partially SunnyFarm … Continue reading

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Fiber Improves Sow Welfare

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Flop with piglets in hay.National Hog Farmer magazine’s latest issue has an interesting article “Fiber’s Role in Sow Welfare” by Debra Neutkens. Much of what she described for the mystery behaviors of the sows without fiber (licking the floor, licking … Continue reading

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Frosty Weather

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Kita watching her pigs in the snow.Weekend dog blogging at SweetnicksToday was relatively warm and pleasantly calm. The lack of wind really help make outdoor work more pleasant. The last week or so has been fairly cold and windy – … Continue reading

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Bridge to Nowhere

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This covered bridge is a bit north of us. It was removed from service, possibly for repairs, and now sits up on blocks in the field. It’s been there for several years so apparently the project is on hold. A … Continue reading

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Too Many Dishes

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This place is visible from highway I-89 going north to Burlington, Vermont from Montpelier. I count nine and maybe ten. I think they must collect the satellite dishes… is being difficult again. WordPress just came out with version 2.1 … Continue reading

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Moose Maiden

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This is a moose maiden, one of Melvin’s ladies. It is an old photo that I found in my archives when I was digging around looking for something else entirely. I haven’t seen any of them recently although we do … Continue reading

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Do You Know Where Your Tree is?

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Do you know where your next Christmas tree is? We pick our own each year from our land. The above is not our land but Christmas tree farm up in Jericho, Vermont. This looks like a thriving tree farm. I’ve … Continue reading

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How to Unfreeze a Valve

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It isn’t always possible to have water inside where it will keep from freezing. Maybe you’ve got a barn or shed that isn’t heated. Maybe your water reservoir is up higher on the mountain like ours is. Some people put … Continue reading

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Mark to Market – End of Runt Tail

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Today we took Mark to market. He was a runt from one of last February’s litters and has been mentioned here and there on the blog. This was his first and last car ride. People often ask if a runt … Continue reading

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Reminder: Comment on NAIS User Guide

Today is the deadline for comments on the USDA’s newest National Animal Identification System (NAIS) document. See this post and make your comments now. Be heard or be part of the herd.

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