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Tiny Cottage Door Up

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Shim-Shimminy, Shim-shim, shim-shimminy… Today we installed the door on the tiny cottage. Doing doors involves a lot of shimming to get everything straight, level and true. I had hoped to also install the outer windows but the door ended up … Continue reading

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Snowy Day – 2007 Farm Bill Comments

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If you care about locally grown food, gardening, homesteading, agrarianism, livestock, protecting traditional rights to farm or just like to eat then be sure to get your comments on the 2007 Farm Bill in before the 12/31/2006 deadline. There is … Continue reading

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Final Partition Block In

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Today was a gorgeous crystal clear day. Sugar Mountain, Knox and Butterfield are frosted in the distance and quite stunning. It felt a lot colder this morning than the 4°F the thermometer read. One of those days when you breath … Continue reading

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Duct Tape & WD-40

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Just a pretty picture today. This is a quaint red brick house in Orange, Vermont on the Reservoir Road. I love the contrast of the trees to the house in this snowy scene. We see it on the way home … Continue reading

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Inner Scaffold Down

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Today we removed all of the interior scaffolding from our tiny cottage. At one point I hit the cross tensioning rebar that is yet to be encased in cement. It rang the drum of the roof in a most incredible … Continue reading

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Cap Sealed On Tight

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Yesterday afternoon with the storm predicted we finished up the ends of the tin foil cap for the tiny cottage, adding vertical sheets of the Foil-Bubble-Bubble-Foil to the end walls and taping down the roof flaps with duct tape. This … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas from Vermont

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Outdoors: 40°F/23°F Partially SunnyFarm House: 64°F/52°F Two logsTiny Cottage: 52°F/58°F End wall foil & flaps

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Christmas Tree Cutting

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Here we are cutting our Christmas tree for 2006. We just couldn’t make up our mind. They all looked so good when they were standing. After cutting them down they looked kind of spindly, like Charlie Brown Xmas trees. Gives … Continue reading

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Boars with Piglets

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This is a photo of two boars who are baby sitting piglets. The mother is in the far distance getting something to eat. The father of the piglets is the obscured Big ‘Un, the white boar laying down with piglets … Continue reading

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Tin Foil Hat

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Someone once suggested I should get a tin foil hat. I did them one better – a tin foil roof. Now not only can the aliens not suck me into their space ships but the government can’t read my mind … Continue reading

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