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Bonfires & Smores

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The weather has been exceedingly fine, warm and sunny. Amazingly, we have lost almost all of our snow. It is only the end of March and usually we still have a couple of feet of snow on the ground. Down … Continue reading

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Boar Meat

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I do not like castrating piglets at all. Neither does my wife or son like helping. It is not a pleasant task. It is even less pleasant for the piglets. There is a fair bit of research that suggests that … Continue reading

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Flop’s Piglets

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Yesterday morning Flop, one of the three youngest daughters of Big Pig, had her piglets. Her sisters should “pop” any day. Meanwhile in other news the weather can’t make up its mind. It snowed very lightly most of the day … Continue reading

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Curly’s Tale

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This is Curly, the runt of the approximately 60 piglets that were born this winter. I say runt but realize that while he was the smallest piglet by far even he is likely to grow to full size. It will … Continue reading

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Saddle Pig’s Secret

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This is Saddle Pig, sister of Big Pig and Little Pig. She’s the middle pig and you know what the middle child is like. Friendly, good and not getting enough attention because she is eclipsed on both ends. Just kidding. … Continue reading

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Plainfield Horse Stables

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This is not our farm. They are beautiful horses and we sometimes stop to look at them on the way home Sunday afternoon. 22째F/7째F, 3″ Snow, Partly Sunny.

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Kavi the Natural

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This is Kavi, one of our fourth generation guardian dogs. As an adult he will likely look just like his mom and his aunt Kita in coloration. Here I caught him sleeping on the hay in the piglet’s shed on … Continue reading

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Mystery Photo 20060317

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Hmm… Something huge came here… After you have made a guess, and please do leave them in comments, place your cursor over the image and let it rest still for a few seconds to see the answer. 16째F/11째F, 1/4″ Snow, … Continue reading

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Ice Carving

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Today was a beautiful day for carving ice. Bright sunny skies, light winds around mid-day, warm temperatures in the high teens, just a gentle dusting of snow falling from blue skies. So I tackled the ice sculpture. The ice build … Continue reading

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NoNAIS On the Radio

Featured Image, my web site to spread the word about the harm of the USDA’s proposed regulations for the National Animal Identification System (NAIS) is going to be on George Noory’s Coast to Coast Radio tonight (Wednesday) at 11 pm PT. … Continue reading

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