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NAIS Radio Show Sat 12noon ET

Tune into this radio show on NAIS or download the streaming MP3 and listen on your computer… A FOOD CHAIN RELEASE FROM METROFARM.COM To protect against disease and terrorism, USDA will register and track domesticated animals, and the properties in … Continue reading

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Ewe’ll Be Famous

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The sheep are complaining about not getting equal time. “Baaahddd,” they holler, “Baahhdddd man!” So this is to prove to them that I am not discriminating on the basis of cuteness, reproductive efficiency or flavor. See, sheep, you’ll get your … Continue reading

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Winter Farrowing Ideas #1

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I’ve been writing about our new experience of winter farrowing and several people have emailed me or left comments asking for more details. A few people are in the situation of having a sow that will soon farrow and wanted … Continue reading

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Crystal Caverns

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The Crystal Caverns are not just a fairy tale out of some text based UNIX game on a teletype. They exist frozen in time for a moment, carved by the fierce north winds of winter yet dynamic and changing over … Continue reading

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