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Chicken Dog

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This is Baloo. He is a fourth generation working dog on our farmstead. Baloo is a poultry guardian dog by his own choice. He’ll work with the pigs and sheep on occasion with me. He raises the alert to strangers … Continue reading

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Where are you? ClusterMaps

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This entry is a bit recursive. Today I’m blogging about blogging. Specifically a rather interesting tool called ClustrMaps which give an idea of where visitors like you come from – the guests of Sugar Mountain Farm. I didn’t imagine that … Continue reading

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Rooster on Snow

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Meet our rooster. He is a two year old New Hampshire Red and the lord of our flock. Out of our twenty-six contestant roosters he was the winner – the others are stew or soon to be. He won because … Continue reading

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Pain of the Porcupine

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That is a small portion of the total. The question is, does anybody know what good is a porcupine? I’m not referring to making soup or roasting them. I want to know of some good reason for not exterminating the … Continue reading

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Christmas Sonrise

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Merry Christmas! 31째F/29째F, Partly Sunny Tags: Christmas sunrise son rise pasture country

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Christmas Cookies

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Pepperidge Farm move over. My son will has the hot new cookie recipe to kill for. I am a die hard Milano fan but I’ll take Will’s new master piece of a Milano, even a mint Milano, any day. At … Continue reading

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Dog Housing

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To house our pack of livestock guardian dogs we have a variety of different dog houses from the massive granite stone slab kennel to one made of wooden pallets. By far the easiest and simplest to setup is this one, … Continue reading

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10,000’th visitor!

Sometime this morning I got my ten thousandth visitor to this blog. Congradulations to whom ever you are! If you would like to contact me you can come collect your prize – a genuine Vermont snowflake! :)Shipping and refrigeration costs … Continue reading

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Solstice Snowboarders

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My Two Sons — My Two Suns Today was the winter solstice. For us the solar noon was at 11:48 am. Fortunately we had a beautiful sunny day to take readings. We measured the angles of the sun which gives … Continue reading

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Waites River General Store

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This is the Waites River General Store, a place where you can get a sandwich fresh made at the deli, a cup of coffee, meats, eggs, milk, butter and other necessities, the daily paper and various sundries. While you’re there … Continue reading

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