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Upper Orange Resevoir

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On the way to and from the meeting house this morning I had a chance to try out the new Fuji FinePix E900 digital camera some more. It was partially sunny on the way in and I got this splendid … Continue reading

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Camera Here, Sheep Gone

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NOTE: I am unable to post to my blog since Sunday morning. Something is going wrong with which is giving me 550 errors and failure to post new posts starting on Sunday. Hopefully this will be resolved soon. I … Continue reading

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Pig House Warming

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BEACH FRONT PROPERTY, beautiful south east exposure, large picture window, easy maintenance, low taxes, nice neighborhood, just off the water, convenient stores and restaurants nearby, child care available, all the amenities a pig could want. Call Walter at 555-1221 for … Continue reading

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Trail of Swine

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Two days ago we had green fields. Yesterday and last night strange white stuff fell from the sky. Very bizarre. It almost makes one think the weather might be changing… In the photo above the pigs are headed out to … Continue reading

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Bradford Mill Falls

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These are the dam mill falls in Bradford, Vermont which is about fifteen miles down river from us to the east. Low 27째F, High 42째F, Rain all day, 4″ Snow in the evening and still going. Tags: Falls Bradford

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FujiFilm FinePix E900 Part I

Do NOT buy this camera. See this update. Notices the gorgeous photo above. The colors, the sharpness, the detail. It is splendid – no? Well, no, it isn’t to be seen. My camera is broken. After many repairs it gave … Continue reading

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Winter Pig Dens

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That is the start of winter housing for our pigs. We do not have a barn. If we did have a barn I wouldn’t house the animals in it because it would be unhealthy for both them and us. The … Continue reading

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Procrastinating Sunrise

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This morning we were greeted by the sun with a splendidly colorful sky. Sunrise is getting later and later each morning. Fall construction projects will soon becoming to an end. Every year we push the season to the max trying … Continue reading

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Low 21째F, High 33째F, Overcast to Sunny, Snow 1″ Tags: guineas

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Small Town PO

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This is the Post Office in the town of West Topsham just down the hill from us. Click on the image to see a larger panorama. Someone asked me today about our postal address versus our physical address with a … Continue reading

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