iPod there for iBackup

Today I received my iPod. The irony is that I didn’t buy it to listen to music. Rather I got this MP3 music player to use as a small portable external backup that also happens to be able to play music. :) Yes, there are less expensive harddrives when you consider the retail price, but I didn’t pay retail. I actually got it as the freebie for educators when you buy a new Mac so the price was just right. I upgraded the iPod mini to an iPod Photo 20G for the extra $90 so I can use it for backing up all of our family home directories every night. Now when I leave the house, our data leaves with me.

In general I like it. Yes, it does sound good. The interface works well. An excellent product just as I would expect from Apple Computer. The personal engraving on the back is neat – now mine will never get lost as I put my name and URL on it. A little bonus. And what fun, it displays photos, so now I can look at the beautiful face of Petra Pig while I listen to music. :) Best of all, it has about 12GB of storage available for backing up all of my data safely. Better than CD’s or DVD’s in a safety deposit box, and cheaper in the long run.

The fact that the control button area acts as a track pad was a delightful surprise. I hadn’t realized that was the case from what I had previously read about the iPod. It became quickly apparent once I touched the device. After a few minutes of playing around with the controls I had it figured out without cracking the manual – Apple gets points for an intuitive interface. Kudos!

Okay, so it’s a great product – many people have stated that before. I don’t have much to add about the greatness of the iPod. It works. I do have two gotcha items:

1) the serial number on the back is virtually unreadable. Tiny print (2 point?) with almost no contrast on a reflective silver metal background. Even the box could have used larger print for the serial number. Fortunately the serial number is available on-screen in the iPod settings as Apple Tech Support explained to me. The reason for this angst is that the serial number is needed for the online registration form (which should just get it directly from the iPod) and is asked for by Apple Tech Support when you call about…

2) I bought the iPod Photo Dock because it stated on Apple’s web page that using the dock I could sync via Firewire or USB. What they failed to mention was you must buy a separate cable. A bit odd since products normally come with the necessary connecting cables. When the dock and iPod arrived today I discovered that the dock does not connect to Firewire on my PowerBook. Not only is there no cable included but the require cable is a special cable so my off the shelf FireWire cables are no use here. Apple really needs to correct their web page. If it had been clearly stated that you need to buy a separate cable I would have then bought the Firewire cable at the time I placed the order. Fortunately Apple is graciously shipping me a FireWire cable for the dock no charge. Now Apple should update the web page to direct people to also buy the cable. Frankly, for the life of me I don’t understand why they don’t just include a $3 cable in the $35 price of the very simple little dock.

Which brings up the issue of shipping… Apple offers free shipping and they must have spent a bundle to ship this order. My order came to four completely separate shipments mostly all the way from China via FedEx. I hope Apple got a really good deal on their shipping rates because that has got to hurt the bottom line. I’m not complaining… it just seems inefficient.

So how did I get the educator’s discount? Well, Apple, bless their corporate heart and that of Mr. Jobs, has always been very progressive with educational discounts. It makes good business sense – hook us while we’re young. In addition to offering educational discounts to colleges and primary schools Apple now also offers discounts to homeschoolers. Since we homeschool our kids we qualify. Ben has been saving up his money to buy a new computer for a long time. His older brother met his goal just before his birthday this spring. Now it is Ben’s turn and he’s getting an iBook – an excellent computer for education including programming which Ben is thrilled about, as well as, of course, games.

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  1. *grin* And Ben loves his which just arrived about 3pm this afternoon. Out of the box and running in seconds flat. Looks like you have the same one he just got. This has been a long anticipated day – He is one very excited kid to say the least!

    I was just reading your blog. Like you, Fall is our favorite season. No more bugs, lots of harvesting, crisp air and beautiful colors.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Is yor pig named for the rock band or the model??

  3. I wasn’t aware of a rock band named Petra. Petra is named for the model who appeared on the arm of the lead man in “Love Potion #9” which is a very funny movie with Sandra Bullock. Petra is a very well endowed sow.

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